Mariah Carey Maternity Line: 5 Ideas She Can Use

Mariah Carey has finally admitted she is pregnant and now, true to form, the pop star is going to make some money off the venture.

Carey will be designing and selling maternity clothing! And while ordinarily, I balk at celebrities' clothing lines (Jessica Simpson bikinis? Really?), in this case, I am thrilled.

Because maternity clothing is better than it was 30 years ago when denim jumpers and flowered turtlenecks were all the rage, but it's still not where it should be. Somehow I think Mariah -- a fashion diva with a shoe collection to rival that of Imelda Marcos -- can change all that.

Here are 5 Things I Hope to See From Carey's Line:

  1. Transition pieces: It would be great if quality maternity clothing could also transition to the "fourth trimester" (the period of time before you lose the baby weight) and beyond. I spent close to $1,000 filling out my maternity wardrobe the first time, but I could have saved myself a lot of money if that clothing was also good for post-pregnancy, too.
  2. Less expensive: There was fashionable maternity wear (check out Pea in the Pod), but spending $200 on 7 for All Mankind maternity jeans wasn't motivating even though they did look better than the Target ones.
  3. Great maternity shoes: This is the one I think Carey can really help with. Yes, you can buy flats, but how nice would it be to have truly comfortable, stable high heels? Not once did I see a maternity line of shoes and there should have been. Please get on that, Mariah!
  4. More bling: Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't wear glitter and sequins. So bedazzle me! Most preggos can use a little sparkle during the hardest weeks.
  5. Adjustable fashion: One of the things I love about Hanna Andersson and the reason I'm willing to pay those prices for my kids are the adjustable waists. Imagine the same in maternity wear. Imagine you could buy one pair of jeans that could take you from week 5 through your baby's third birthday. Wouldn't you pay a bit more for it? I think this is possible. It's all in the right design.

What maternity clothing advances would you like to see?


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