Gosselin Kids Expelled; Is Anyone Surprised?

Kate GosselinTwo of Gosselin gang have been expelled from their private Pennsylvania school, which is sad, but far from shocking.

Collin and Alexis were said to have been asked to leave due to"rage issues" and "problems with anger management." They are now being home schooled.

A "source" told People their behavior wasn't that bad and these reports are "grossly overstated."

"The kids are going through a challenging time, but Kate doesn't feel this is something that should be discussed publicly. It is a private matter."

Oh, so NOW she wants something to be a private matter ... after all the public damage has been done.


Sure, plenty of children without reality shows have issues and get kicked out of school, and none of us are perfect parents. But in the wake of everything we've seen with this family -- everything they've willingly shown us -- how could these children not have issues?

Just in the past few weeks there have been reports that Jon Gosselin is out brawling with Taco Bell employees, and Kate couldn't even be bothered to celebrate Halloween with her kids and was sleeping in the car while they went trick or treating.

Not to mention that they have gone through a very ugly and VERY public divorce and have continued to promote themselves in the media instead of sheltering their family and stepping back from the spotlight  to work it all out and help these kids.

Sure raising eight kids is expensive -- the reason she gives for her ongoing show -- but guess what? People across America do it all the time without primping and pruning for magazines and on television. They may not be able to afford personal trainers and top-notch vacations, but they work it out fine. So could the Gosselins.

Maybe now with some tangible evidence of the damage being done to these kids they really will do the right thing.

As wrong as the words feel, Jon Gosselin seems to be the voice of reason in this matter, as he at least has come to realize the damage being done and has tried to stop them from future filming on Kate Plus 8.

His motives may be questionable, but at least he's speaking the truth. He tweeted last month:

I do not believe being on TV is beneficial to any of them. They are no longer toddlers that are oblivious to what is going on around them. They are now six and ten, in school and desperately in need of a normal life.

While a judge rejected his plea to have them removed from the show, he said he'll keep fighting to do so.

I would like to apologize to my friends, family, and especially my children for not taking a stand earlier in my life and not questioning my decisions to have our lives documented and displayed. I will have to answer to my children for the rest of my life. I will have to live with this guilt the rest of my life. I am truly sorry!

Let's just hope this expulsion is the wake-up call Kate needs too, and that it's not too late. We really don't want to see a bunch of Gosselin kids checking into the The Lindsay Lohan Rehab Center a few years down the line.

Are you surprised to see the Gosselin kids expelled from school?

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