Palin: 'Let Them Eat Sweets!' (And I Agree With Her)

Sarah PalinTake note y'all, because this may very well be the only time that I agree with Sarah Palin. Here's the backstory:

Pennsylvania's board of education has this bright idea to ban sweets in the classroom -- yes, Pennsylvania ... home of Hershey, PA, the god almighty kingdom of chocolate. Anyways, in an attempt to combat the whole childhood obesity thing, they're hoping to establish guidelines to severely limit the number of sweets allowed in a classroom.

Well, Mama Bear Palin tweeted a response to that -- "I'll intro kids 2 beauty of laissez-faire via serving them cookies amidst school cookie ban debate."

Ooooh snap.

Palin, I like your style.


During a fundraiser in Pennsylvania last night, she was invited to speak as the guest speaker. Even though it was billed as "non-political," you know Sarah -- of course she brought the topic up.

Who should be making the decisions what you eat, school choice, and everything else? Should it be government or should it be the parents? It should be the parents.

Oh so true. It's the school's place to educate, not make lifestyle choices for kids. It's the parents' responsibility to establish a healthy eating routine for their kids. I don't get why these people want to throw candy out as if it's the devil. Sweets are fine -- as long as their eaten in moderation. For the love of the chocolate gods, just let the kids be kids. Some of my fondest memories in elementary school consisted of those Friday half days before Christmas break that were spent entirely on consuming candy and playing holiday games. I'm pretty sure no one's died from a sugar high.

What do you think of Palin's response to the board of education? Think the school has a right to ban sweets?


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