Carrie Prejean & Kyle Boller Made a Baby

prejeanGreat news! Carrie Prejean is pregnant! Oh ... did you forget who she was? She's that beauty queen that was all over the news awhile ago. No, not that really dumb one ("the Iraq, and everywhere like such as ...").

The other one, the one who pissed off Perez Hilton (and much of the rest of the world) with her comments opposing gay marriage and in favor of "opposite" marriage during the 2009 Miss USA pageant.


Say what you will about her, no one's writing about the person who actually won Miss USA that year. Prejean, though, has managed to keep herself in the headlines. Pageant owner Donald Trump stripped her of the Miss California USA title claiming "breach of contract" because of unapproved appearances she was making. She sued to retain her sash, until the inevitable sex tape surfaced.

She also had plenty of contentious TV interviews, including one where she threatened to walk off Larry King, and wrote a book.

She married NFL pretty boy and Oakland Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller in July and they started trying for a baby almost immediately afterwards. Prejean is due in May and reports she has been having "night sickness." The baby is due on her late grandmother's birthday, she says.


Image via vrysxy/Flickr

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