Miley Cyrus 18th Birthday Wish: For Parents to Rekindle

Miley Cyrus with her parentsI have a feeling that when Miley Cyrus is blowing out her 18th birthday candles in a couple of weeks, she won't be wishing for a new car. She'll be wishing her parents were back together.

It's ironic how the moment that she's legally old enough to handle her own business without her parents' guidance, their marriage, which has not surprisingly been put on the back-burner in pursuit of Miley's success, has crumbled.


The pop singer told MTV News that she just wanted them to be together for her birthday, which will fall about a month after her parents filed for divorce. "Maybe take a vacation with my family ... because that would be really cool."

Sigh. Poor thing. I can't imagine what it's like dealing with a parents' divorce, much less having it shoved into the spotlight. No one wants to read in a gossip magazine about how their mom was having a secret affair with Brett Michaels, which, if you ask me, ranges pretty high up there on the ick scale. Not to mention, kids tend to blame themselves anyways when their parents get divorced, thinking Is there something I could have done? Is it my fault they don't love each other anymore? But when you have tabloids actually reporting Why yes, it is your fault -- you and your fame, you can't possibly expect the teen star to be handling it well.

What would your advice be for Miley while she deals with her parents' divorce?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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