Lily Allen Rushed to Hospital Days After Miscarriage

lily allenMore concern about Lily Allen. First, she suffers a devastating late-pregnancy loss of her baby, then the news comes this weekend that she was rushed to the hospital with septicemia. It sounds serious, and it is: the death rate is as high as 50 percent.

Septicemia is a blood infection and happens when bacteria is introduced into the bloodstream through an infected cut or wound. Miscarriage is a common cause of septicemia in women; if the miscarriage is incomplete, the remaining tissue can become infected and can spread throughout the body. Women also sometimes develop it after childbirth, which is one of the reasons you get that Group B strep test in your third trimester.


It's very serious, but it's also not very common and usually strikes people with impaired immune systems. The takeaway? If you have had a baby, had surgery, dental work, or had a miscarriage and start to feel ill, get to your doctor or an emergency room quickly (which it sounds like Lily Allen did).

Symptoms include fever, chills, and rapid breathing and it can quickly progress into shock.

This is not something to be toyed with, and it's better to panic needlessly and be sent home a little embarrassed than to wait and see if it gets worse and you go into septic shock, or be too sick for treatment to do much good.

Have you heard of septicemia?


Image via John VanderHaagen/Flickr

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