Justin Bieber Growls at the Bullies

Justin BieberJustin Bieber is seemingly the new poster boy for anti-bullying, and while I think it's great that he's using his celeb status for good causes, you can hardly call his little laser tag incident a form of bullying.


Yes it was a gay slur, but that doesn't mean it should be lumped into the gay bullying category -- a category that should consist of actual homophobic issues, not two teens getting pissed at each other over laser tag. There's a difference between bullying and making fun of someone.

I think we can all agree that we were made fun of at some point in our lives. I was ridiculed all my life because of my ears. When my classmates called me Dumbo, my snarky 7-year-old self shot back Well at least I can fly!!! (good one, huh?). Then I hit puberty and realized looks matter and refused to wear my hair up until senior year of high school when I was like F--k it, who cares?

My point being, it's a normal thing. Kids make fun of other kids, that's how we gain a thick skin to tackle the world when we're adults. And yes, when it comes to racial and gay slurs, that takes it to a whole other level, but Biebs has said that he's "bullied" for not having chest hair.

Gimme a break, Biebs. That doesn't exactly classify as bullying, much less is it even comparable to the serious bullying that has taken lives.

By all means, raise awareness. It's definitely a growing issue in our country. But please don't act like you've been a victim -- lack of chest hair or not.

Do you think Justin Bieber is an appropriate spokesperson for anti-bullying?

Image via JustinBieberMusic.com

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