Jessica Simpson Pregnant! Look at Her Body!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Jessica Simpson -- who appeared quite zaftig on Project Runway last night -- is with child.

This is not the first time such rumors have dogged the star whose fluctuations in weight are almost constant tabloid fodder.

But is she really pregnant this time?

Let's examine the evidence:





Here she is, looking maybe preggo on Project Runway last night:

She is heavier, no doubt. She looks like many women in early pregnancy. Those early months are the worst. You look heavier, but you don't look pregnant yet .... Consider this evidence:

In this photo, J Simp is decidedly NOT pregnant, but she certainly looks heavier than in her Dukes of Hazzard days (above). You be the judge:

Here she is below, looking gorgeous and healthy, but the belt? Is it hiding something? Um ... NO! She is NOT pregnant:

Curvy? Absolutely. Pregnant? Um, NOPE:

So, is the blond bombshell hiding a baby bump? Maybe. But probably not. She is probably just fluctuating in weight like she always does.

What do you think?

Images via familymwr/Flickr; Facebook; Facebook; jvh33/Flickr

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