Teresa Giudice Wants to Dress Your Toddler

teresa giudice clothing lineIf you think toddlers look fantastic in leopard print and cubic zirconia, you must be stoked about Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice's newest venture as clothing designer for the small set. That's right, yet another Jersey girl with horrifying taste is about to unleash her ideas about high fashion onto a vulnerable market: people who love to buy clothes for adorable small children.

I, however, am begging Teresa Giudice to stay away from my toddler's chest of drawers. But I do have a modicum of hope for her Fabulicious line, as there is a superstar on board this crazy train.



I can't believe I'm actually relieved Madonna will be an influence in children's wear. But the Material Girl did work with Lipstik Girls to produce a lovely line of kid clothes, and hopefully this same group of designers will tone down Giudice's fashion don'ts.

In case you start to think, hey, Giudice doesn't dress her little girls too horribly, remember: This is a woman who thinks putting everyone in a giant hair bow is dressing for dinner.

Please Madonna's people, save us from toddlers everywhere looking like the poor Giudice girls.

What do you think Teresa's fashion line is going to look like?


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