Mariah Carey Pregnancy: Luckiest Fetus in the World

If the United States had royalty, the progeny of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon -- arriving this spring -- would be it.

Yes, the pop singer finally revealed that the bump everyone knew she was sporting was not just a few extra Twinkies, but was, in fact, a baby on board. And that baby is going to be the most materially well cared for baby in the world.

Anyone who has seen the episode of MTV's Cribs in which Mariah Carey shows off her house knows the material world this new baby is going to enter. OK, so material possessions are not the most important thing in the world and blah, blah, but ... but ... let's be serious here.

Here are a few reasons that the baby is lucking out:

  • Looks: MTV did a morph of Mariah's and Nick's faces and the baby that they discovered? Absolutely beautiful. Usually those kinds of sites spit back a toad-like photo that looks nothing like your real child, so if this baby is even cuter than the photo, then they are in for one beautiful child.
  • Shoes: Mariah Carey's shoe closet is the stuff that dreams are made of. I quite literally salivated my way through a tour of her closet on Cribs. They're all perfectly lined up and well-cushioned in a gorgeous, humongous closet.
  • Talent: With two professional singers as his or her parents, this baby's vocal chords will have it going on. But Carey is not merely a pop star, she can hit notes that few in the world can (besides a piano). That is the stuff dream genes are made of.
  • Comfort: Mariah Carey travels in style and this baby will have the best of the best, from the most comfy beds to the most luxurious clothing. He or she will never want for anything.
  • City living: Carey and her husband live in New York City, definitely the best city in the country and arguably in the world. She or he will get to grow up surrounded by culture and museums and yellow taxi cabs! What more could a baby want?

Would you want to be Mariah's baby?


Image via MTV

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