Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen Parenting Fail

charlie sheen denise richards parenting failAfter Charlie Sheen's epic hotel trashing this week, you'd think Denise Richards would take her 5- and 6-year-old daughters and hide out until this whole hooker/cocaine adventure in immaturity blew over. You'd think wrong.

Instead, Richards went on Joy Behar's show to not talk about the incident. Richards invoked the "I'm a parent" clause whenever Behar would ask her to give up the dirt on Charlie and his lifetime night of destruction.

So why was Richards even on CNN, if she was simply going to plead the parent and talk about her fond memories of Sheen?


It seems like Richards simply wanted to keep herself relevant. To say, "I was there when Charlie lost his mind." Otherwise she would have hopped on a plane back to LA and put her daughters back in school, surrounded them with friends, and disconnected herself from the poison of an addict. Of course that's not what a co-dependent does.

Denise, you can't have it both ways. You can't say you're trying to shelter your daughters, then go on television just to say you went to the hospital with Charlie. Also, wasn't that pause just a wee bit pregnant when Behar asked you if Charlie ever showed up intoxicated when visiting your kids?

I don't believe for a second you have any more control over Sheen's addiction than he does. If he's around his girls, he's been around them high/drunk/stoned. You may say you won't allow it, but what do you really do when Sheen comes to hang out and he's a little bit peppier than usual? Hand him a drug test before he can go in the pool with Sam? Doubtful, but you should.

Part of the problem with having an addict for a parent is the co-dependence of the other parent. This makes a child feel alone and crazy. Neither one of you is doing your daughters any favors by playing damage control, instead of kicking that crazed drug addict right out of their little lives and trying to create as normal an environment as possible.

Charlie Sheen needs to beat this habit on his own. If he can't, Richards and her girls do not need to be the ones that stick around and clean up his mess.

How messed up do you think Sam and Lola are going to be?


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