Celine Dion Was a Delivery Room Diva

celine dionCeline Dion welcomed twins and, as expected, she got a private room with an over-sized bed and kitchenette. The room was redone just for her stay.

But her admission to the hospital came a little earlier than planned, so there was a woman already in that fancy room. Wondering what happened to the woman who was there?

The hospital just picked her up and moved her to a regular room -- no more big bed, no more fridge.


Word has it that this woman “wasn’t too happy” about the switch and can you blame her? Here she is, in a room that she’s paying for, and because someone famous comes along, she has to move? Sure, the big bed and fridge are luxuries, extras, that you might not expect from a maternity unit. But to be removed from your accommodations just because someone “better” comes along?

My thoughts? If the hospital decides to create a special room for special patients, but then markets the room or otherwise uses it for their “regular patients," they should have equivalent accommodations available for instances when they choose to relocate one person to make room for a better one. And, they should have to pay for this woman’s care or, at the very least, the days they booked her into Celine’s room.  

And, if the hospital plays favorites with patients just over a room, does this happen when delivery time arrives?

The hospital, of course, insists that no one received special treatment.

What do you think? Is this fair or unfair treatment?


Image via Mcflyler/Flickr

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