Jenny McCarthy Should Pose in 'Playboy' for Autism

Jenny McCarthyJenny McCarthy isn't content telling parents that autism is preventable and peddling half-baked theories about curing her son Evan's autism.

Proving there really is nothing she won't do for her favorite cause, McCarthy announced she would pose nude for Playboy again -- if it helped autistic kids.

It could be the smartest thing the actress has ever said.


She's written three books on the subject. She's created Generation Rescue, "an international movement of scientists, physicians, and parent-volunteers researching the causes and treatments for autism and helping more than 20,000 children begin biomedical treatment." She's been on most major networks over the years to talk about the issue.

But a look at McCarthy's own bio on the Generation Rescue site proves the actress knows she needs to embrace her past to quiet the critics. The first four words of the bio are "The onetime Playboy model." It's a quote from an article from the now defunct Cookie Magazine, but it was the McCarthy camp's decision to put them there.

And it's shot her in the foot. Her background as a one-time Playboy bunny is used against her regularly as a way of discrediting her very public persona on autism.

So why not turn it on its head?

Pose in Playboy, turn the money over to her own non-profit or -- better yet -- a powerful group like Autism Speaks, and she isn't just a nude model who talks a good talk. She's a nude model who makes nudity make a difference.

Oh, it won't solve her problem. The rest of the (sane, reasoning, scientific -- take your pick) world would retain the ability to pick her apart on the rest of the issues. The Jenny McCarthy Body Count site will continue to tally the number of children who suffer preventable deaths and preventable illnesses because of her advocacy against vaccinating our kids.

But it would give Jenny a brand-new arsenal to use against her detractors. And force the naysayers to move on to the solid science.

That's good for both sides of the debate!


Image via duncan arsenault/Flickr

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