Kristen Stewart Pregnancy: Is It Rude to Ask Her If She Is?

There have been so many crazy media reports on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson that she had to ask her family to stop paying attention, but it was the recent pregnancy one that really made her family freak.

According to Showbiz Spy:

I had my grandparents call my mom when people thought I was pregnant for a while, says Kristen.

The reason people think (or care) that Stewart is pregnant are far different than the reasons "real" women might get asked, but it is frustrating and annoying nonetheless and may be the recent so many strangers are reticent to give up their bus seats or ask when you are due.

Because if you are wrong....  Humiliation like none other!


When I was a kid, my grandfather -- a lovely man who was funny and wise, but not tactful -- asked a waitress when she was due. When she balked -- "I am not pregnant!" -- instead of being embarrassed, my grandfather suggested a diet tip.

Insert foot in mouth.

I wanted to crawl under the table and die. And I knew then and there that no matter how pregnant a woman looks, I would not ask. I have seen women who look like they could deliver any second, but I still ask them if they are enjoying the good weather we are having and if they like the Red Sox. If they bring up their pregnancy, great. If not, I am silent on it. 

Just before I delivered my daughter, giant belly in tow, we went to the local police station to have the car seat installed by a professional.

"Have you already had the baby?" He asked me. I laughed, but he did not."You have no idea how many times I asked a new mom when she is due. I am not making that mistake again."

I get it now. And if this is your first (or second) you will soon get it, too. It takes a little while to "deflate" and the worst thing you can hear while that process is transpiring is: "when are you due?"

So, I propose a universal pact: unless I am delivering a baby on your living room floor, don't bring up my pregnancy unless I do!

Have you ever accidentally thought a woman was pregnant?


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