Beyonce Baby Shower: 5 Gifts That Make the Cut

BeyonceThe news that Beyonce Knowles is pregnant seemed pretty certain last week. Until Mama Tina Knowles came out to burst every one's bubble. So it's still debatable. But this isn't: she's planning to be a mama someday!

With the headlines calling for Jay Z and Beyonce to have the "coolest kid in the world," this could be the the baby shower of the century. The booty Beyonce takes home had best be 'licious lest the fans protest. (OK, that pun was too bad, but it's baby shower time -- let the baby talk out already!).

So let's get them ready:


Yankees creeper setIs there any doubt their baby will be a "huge Yankees fan?" This three-piece creeper set ($29.99) is gender neutral and will put baby in an "Empire State of Mind" from day one.

Rocawear capDaddy's little star can rock his Rocawear line and still stay shaded from the hot lights of Hollywood with a teeny weeny baseball cap ($6.99).

Jet Set Babies Wear WingsLong flights on private jets are ahead of this baby -- and a board book that's fitting the lifestyle will keep the whole fam from getting fidgety. "Jet-Set Babies Wear Wings," ($6.95) and Beyonce can provide the "Halo" for the little angel.

Mom Tattoo TeeMom and Dad have inked their ring fingers with the numbers IV in honor of one another, but it may be a little early to get the tot a tat. So the family can make do with the sweetest one of all -- a mom tattoo on his favorite tee ($26).

born to rockYou can't mess with genetics. There's a 99 percent chance this kid will have some incredible skills. So let's get it out there -- she (he) is born to rock ($18.95).

What else can Solange, Tina and the rest of the Knowles family put on the list?


Images via Alex Johnson/Flickr;; Cookie's Kids; Amazon; Psychobaby Online; Punk Baby Clothes

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