Christina Applegate Pregnancy: The Gender Twist

christina ApplegateChristina Applegate is still pregnant, but rumors that she's having a little girl still have just a 50 percent chance of being true. Christina herself doesn't actually know who she and fiance Martyn LeNoble will welcome into the world come February.

And she says it's not for lack of trying.

Applegate is not one of those moms who's decided to be surprised come delivery time. She wants to know, but she says "it's becoming a bigger project than it was supposed to be, unfortunately."


The ultrasound is not 100 percent effective anyway -- even if the technician can't see a penis right off the bat, they still have to confirm labia are present before determining it's a girl. And there have been cases of a girl being labeled a boy by an over-eager tech.

But it sounds like the technician doesn't have any idea -- which can mean there's decreased amniotic fluid, fetal position or fetal activity (baby is not cooperative). This also happens with women who are obese -- not a problem in Applegate's case.

She could just guess; scientists have found women have about a 70 percent chance of guessing the correct gender based on a "feeling." Or she could just start crossing her fingers and hoping. It's not scientific, but there are pros to both genders for Applegate:


You don't have to worry he will turn into Kelly Bundy.

He'll dig your movie history -- what boy wouldn't want to see his mom in a Will Ferrell flick?

No princess phase (maybe).


The clothing options are cuter, and with Applegate's past work as a representative for Lee's National Denim Day, cute jeans are a must.

She'll have a much more powerful female role model than Peg Bundy.

Your Right Action for Women Foundation is already working to make her life easier. 

No circumcision debate (phewwwww).

Aw, who are we kidding? Either gender rocks. The real question is who this baby will look like.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

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