Eva Herzigova Pregnant With Number 2 ... And She Is Not Alone

It was a big day for second baby announcements. Andrew Firestone, Eva Herzigova, and Luciana Morad all announced that they are pregnant today.

Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone announced that he and his wife Ivana Bozilovic are expecting their second child. Their first son, Brooks, is 19 months old.

The couple has also announced that they will not be finding out the gender. To each their own, but waiting always seemed impossible to me.

Runway model Eva Herzigova, 37, is also expecting her second with her partner of nine years, Gregorio Marsiaj. She said:


Gregorio and I are thrilled with the wonderful news. Our son George is being really sweet, asking all different questions about the baby, and talking to my belly.

Luciana Morad, Mick Jagger's former mistress and mother of his child, 11-year-old Lucas, is also pregnant with her second (different father).

Congratulations to all the happy parents and welcome to a Brave New World: the second pregnancy.

It's so unlike the first in so many ways, not the least of which is you have another baby running around.

But that isn't the only thing that's different.

People are less excited. They will tell you that you're wrong, but it's pretty clear that Numero Uno was the big one and number two is an afterthought. There will be no baby shower and no tears at the champagne toast. When baby number two arrives, there is less help and fewer cards and gifts.

You will love that second baby just as much, but the feelings will be different.

Did you feel differently about your second pregnancy?


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