Pregnant Penny Lancaster Defies Her Age

penny lancaster stewartAt 39, Penny Lancaster can’t exactly be called old (I can’t say the same for her husband, aging rocker Rod Stewart). But she’s technically considered an older mother -- and a high-risk pregnancy because of it.

Older women are at increased risk for having a baby with a birth defect and for miscarriage. Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and other problems are also more likely to pop up, according to the March of Dimes.

But Penny is doing all she can to stay forever young. On the British morning show Daybreak, she revealed her tips for staying fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy.


On Exercise: “I swam for my county at school and it takes about 90 percent of your weight away when you’re in the water, so it’s great when you're pregnant!”

On Diet: “I’m not counting my calories. I just look at the food and make sure I’m counting my nutrition.”

In addition to swimming, Penny practices yoga, which is perfect for any pregnant woman to help build strength and learn breathing techniques. She also drinks vegetable juice -- carrots and celery -- to supplement her diet.

Penny has nailed it right on the head as far as maintaining the perfect lifestyle for an older pregnant woman. Diet and exercise are key to making sure your body is able to care for a baby, both during pregnancy and after.

Are you an older mom-to-be? What do you do to stay healthy?


Image via Penny Lancaster/Facebook

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