Carrie Underwood Pregnancy Pact: Would You Make One?

Carrie Underwood and her friends are locked into what they call a "pregnancy pact."

According to Yahoo:

"Me and a few female friends are going to try to have children around the same time," Underwood revealed Thursday in an interview with Nashville's WSIX radio. "That way we can babysit each other's kids and they can grow up to be friends."

Yeah, good luck with that. Only a clueless newlywed would make such a pact and here's why: We can't control life. To pretend otherwise is to set yourself up for disappointment.

What happens if Carrie is ready, but her friend does not have the means or has something else she would rather do? What happens to the "pact"? And that isn't even examining the other possibilities.


Life doesn't always work out the way you think it will when you're 24. I'm very happy for Carrie that she thinks it does, but really "plans" and "pacts" are what naive people make.

I have seen far too many good friends unable to have the babies they so desperately want, and they believe that baby-making is something you can all "plan" together. And worse yet, those plans and pacts will be even more painful when two of the friends conceive easily and the third takes a couple years to do so (if at all).

Babies are an individual choice, not one that needs a "pact" to happen (see Gloucester, Massachusetts). To have babies before you are ready or because your friends are doing it aren't good reasons to become a parent.

Do it because you love children and because you feel ready both emotionally and financially. Do it because you have a partner you love and want to express that love through creating life. Do it because you want to be a mom. Do NOT do it because your friends are doing it.

That is a terrible reason to have a baby.

What do you think of this "pact"?

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