Jennifer Garner Has a Mom Flaw!

jennifer GarnerOh Jennifer Garner, it was about time you showed us you're a real live Mom. The uber Hollywood mom has been giving us regular Janes complexes for so long, we almost didn't believe it, but it's true.

Jen is not ready for Halloween. She really is just like us!


The talk on sidelines at soccer games and lobbies of karate studios this past weekend was which kids are ready for Halloween and which parents are still desperately trying to come up with time to hit the stores.

And the same goes for the home of Violet and Seraphina Affleck, where Garner tells People, "Costumes are not ready in my house. Now, I’m realizing I need to at least get the orders in."

It's not always a parent's fault. The Halloween costume issue seems to throw up roadblocks right and left. If your child is old enough to choose their own costume -- as Violet is this year -- they tend to change their minds. Frequently. You'll save yourself a lot of money if you just wait out the "ooh, police officer, no, fireman, no fire-breathing alien" debate.

Then there's the "shall I make my own" vs. "shall I buy" conundrum. If your child is coming up with an outlandish idea, a craft night might be the only way to meet their needs. But if you can't even find time to SHOP for a costume, pray tell us when you'll squeak out an entire evening for some serious Martha Stewart-ing?

And Jen doesn't exactly have a money flow problem with Butter coming out and Ben's The Town kicking butt, but the rest of us have ye olde economy to deal with.

So let's help a sister out, shall we?

You can get it done in one fell swoop with a family-themed costume. It might take some craftiness, but there's no fighting among the kids if you're picking it all. Or you can settle on one company's pile of cuteness and then try to build around it for the rest of the fam.

Princesses are hot for girls, but the royalty-free options tend to sate Mom's thirst for an adventure in her girl.

And of course you can just go for the cheap option.

Are you ready for Halloween?

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