Celine Dion Pregnant & Planning to Stay That Way

Celine DionThough rumors have been circulating that Celine Dion has scheduled a c-section for October 22, her husband, René Angélil, says they are absolutely false.

There is nothing scheduled. We do not have a date, he told People.

They want Celine's pregnancy to go as long as possible, at least until the first week of November. She would never intentionally endanger her unborn children by scheduling a birth early like this.

Good for her.


There have been plenty of murmurs and speculation about celebrities having designer C-sections in which they try to skip the last month of pregnancy in order to avoid weight gain and stretch marks.

Other women just want to pick a time that doesn't interfere with work or a partner's schedule or a host of other of life's events.

But the fact is, pregnancy isn't supposed to be convenient, and c-sections aren't convenient.

Our bodies -- in most cases -- know better than anyone what our babies need and how long they need to be nurtured and when they should be born. Trying to push that up for mere inconveniences seems like a ridiculous risk to take when it comes to your baby's life.

From breathing problems to infections and even higher risks for things like deafness and autism, being born even a week or two early can cause a host of problems for babies.

If you don't have to, why risk those and other dangers?

It sounds like Dion won't, and it's great to hear her proclaim it publicly and note that early c-sections can endanger babies. Hopefully, other women will listen.

Would you or have you ever had an early c-section?

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