Giuliana & Bill Rancic Open Up About Infertility

Everyone whose reality has included something other than the "I mean he just looked at me and I got pregnant" style of fertility has coped with the avalanche of well-meaning comments from family and friends. It can make you want to clam up ... and surprisingly, a lot of people do.

Which is why I am so impressed with Giuliana and Bill Rancic. The celebrity couple, who have chronicled their rocky path to parenthood on their self-titled reality show, have teamed up with Resolve, the national infertility association, to shoot a public service announcement about infertility.

A recent study of infertile couples found a shocking 61 percent didn't talk about their struggles with family and friends, and half actually preferred that the people they're closest to think they don't want children over being open about what is happening in their lives.


Giuliana shared:

Bill and I have been living out our road to parenthood on national television; however, most people are reluctant to talk about infertility due to the stigma attached, so there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Our goal is to reduce the stigma associated with infertility by sharing our own story, and help people get information to increase their chances of conceiving.

They're also urging people to see a fertility specialist if they're under 35 and have been trying for one year, or over 35 and have been trying for six months. Most of the time, the underlying issues can be treated with conventional therapies, and relatively few people need the "big guns" of major fertility drugs or IVF. Because of Giuliana speaking out about her fertility issues and her miscarriage, it helped a lot of women feel they weren't alone.  

When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, a support group offered by our local Resolve chapter was a lifeline. Just being in a room full of couples who "get it" was wonderful, especially when all our friends were home snuggling their newborns. And I love that the Rancics, instead of hiding their struggles, are showing everybody that they "get it," too.

Does it help you when a celebrity couple talks about their infertility issues?

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