Is Josh Duhamel Overcompensating for Something?

Josh Duhamel dadJosh Duhamel may be playing a new daddy on the big screen in Life As We Know It, but this Fergalicious actor seems to be overcompensating for something.

He's going around saying he and Fergie will be "great parents."

Let's take it down a notch there buster. You're making all the hormonal pregnant women nervous.


Now there, we're not being condescending, ladies. This is not some "oh, silly pregnant chick can't keep her stuff together because she's got baby on the brain" moment.

But whoever lets you get all excited about being a parent one day, makes you spend weeks testing vagina goo and taking your temperature, is evil. Because He/She/It must also be responsible for that hormone surge that comes about sometime mid-pregnancy that makes you start questioning EVERY ... SINGLE ... THING ... about this blasted pregnancy.

You might have tried for a year, but now you're a mess of cankles and hemorrhoids, and you just can't do this. Why did he do this to you? Why did you do this to yourself? What, was I nuts, I can't be a parent? I killed my spider plant in fifth grade. And forget that stupid egg in home economics. Cracked it on day one. I'd gone through a carton before the teacher threw up her hands and told me I'd never hack it as a parent. And now I'm ... pregnant!

Whewww. Been there. Done that. And like that weird line on your belly, this too shall pass.

Most women walk into a planned pregnancy feeling pretty cocky, and it bites her in the (now huge) butt somewhere in the middle of it all. And so the women who are going on and on about how great they're going to be, not nervous at all? Are totally blowing smoke up your skirt.

They're terrified as hell. Which Josh Duhamel could, ahem, learn a thing or two from.

But there's good news! It all comes back to you! Maybe not the day they're born -- because who feels cocky when they've just spent 13 hours eating ice chips? -- but you'll find your rhythm.

Now if those hot guys would just stop making you feel incompetent, it would be all good ...

Are you still feeling confident?

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