Katherine Heigl Is a Crunchy Mom

Katherine HeiglLove her or find her annoying as hell, no one can dispute that Katherine Heigl seems to have come into her own as a mother after adopting daughter Naleigh, currently 22 months old.

She seems like a natural, who's embracing some natural, green, and clean parenting practices.

For example, in the picture to the right, she's not using any old plastic bottle, rather she chose BPA-free BornFree bottles for daughter.


She's also been trying to clean up her act since becoming a mother when it comes to smoking. She appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman a few weeks ago touting her newfound alternative -- electric cigarettes. While the jury is still out on just how safe they are, they're at least a step up from the regular old cancer sticks.

Heigl is also conscientious when it comes to exposing her daughter to important causes that affect our planet. She recently took Naleigh with her to Los Angeles where she launched the Compassion Revolution -- a campaign to help address pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering them.

"What's happening is not only inhumane and morally reprehensible, it's economically irresponsible," Heigl said. "Killing is not a solution."

And when it comes to her relationship with husband Josh Kelley, the couple is all about free love.

Apparently the two were having a little too much fun in their hot tub earlier this week when a neighbor started yelling obscenities at them over the fence.

The couple called police, but no charges were filed.

How has becoming a mother made you more "crunchy"?

Image via 5wpr.com

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