Tim Gunn Gives Parenting Golden Rules

tim gunn on parentingAfter breaking my heart with his impassioned plea to GLBT and questioning youth, Tim Gunn has made me realize he's pretty much the #1 resource for all things:

Fashion Design


Being a Good Person

Making It Work

and now we can add parenting to the list as well.

I just finished Gunn's Golden Rules and for someone who doesn't have children of his own, Gunn has a remarkable grasp on parenting mistakes and the best way to raise winning kids.

Here are a few nuggets of Gunn's golden wisdom.


On being friends with your child:

Children don't need more friends. They need parents ... And if you think you want your child to be your friend, you need to be in therapy.

On being sensitive to new parents:

If you're lucky enough to be invited to see a new baby, be sure to bring food for the sleepy new parents, and don't stay long. Also, do whatever you're asked ... Just do whatever will make the parents most comfortable, even if that means scrubbing down as if you're preparing for surgery.

On the importance of grooming, even when you're a new mom:

When I see frumpy mothers with impeccably turned-out children, I think they're making their children the family ambassadors, and that's too much pressure on someone who still picks her nose.

And we know what he thinks about Suri's heels.

On building children's self-esteem:

A broad range of exposure is really important, because you don't know what's going to resonate. But when you find something that does it for them -- whether it's the ballet or baseball or sewing or karate -- you can feel good that you helped them find something they can get involved in and about which they feel motivated to excel.

What can't Tim Gunn do?


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