Suri Cruise Has a $6000 Halloween Costume?

Suri Cruise princess dress

First, she had the tattoos. Then, she was taking a trip to the spa. Now, she has a dress worth more than a monthly mortgage payment. Looking to find the newest fashion in toddler Halloween chic? 

Look no further than Suri Cruise's $6,000 princess costume.  

Okay, so which bodyguard is going trick-or-treating with the 4-year-old this year?

The dress, rumored to be adorned with diamonds, is made with a tulle skirt and pearl embroidery! Katie Holmes -- mother of the year or wasteful spender?


Many 4-year-old girls want to be a princess -- and not just for Halloween. But $6,000 just seems a little bit extravagant.

I was a princess for Halloween once upon a time. My dress started as six yards of yellow shiny fabric and crafted into a costume with a Singer sewing machine circa 1988. A tulle skirt completed the look. I wore it four times.

No, it didn't have diamonds, but mine was way better. (Thanks mom!)

When did Halloween costumes become more expensive than the budget for my future wedding dress?

Image via SplashNews

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