Teresa Giudice Is Past the Mom Shoes Stage

Teresa GiudiceSeeing Teresa Giudice wander around Toys R Us in Times Square this past weekend, I suppose I was supposed to be all agog that I saw a celebrity. Sorry, I was too busy trying to figure out how the Real Housewife kept up with three kids in those shoes.

I had one 5-year-old, and I was wearing sneakers.

Giudice had her three eldest, Gia, Gabriella, Milania (ages 9, 6, and 5), in tow, and she was wearing spiky heels of the type that made me simultaneously swoon and clench my arches in pain.

Even with a toddler at home, Giudice is already back in pre-pregnancy attire.

It's entirely possible she never left, but ladies who don't have a role on a Bravo reality show, have heart -- we are not frumpy because we don't care. It's call practicality, and there are stages to this process:


1. Getting Your Earrings Back: It only takes one hoop ripping through your earring hole to make you realize safety comes before beauty.

2. Getting Your Rings Back: So you thought finally losing the water weight after pregnancy was going to magically earn you the chance to show the world you really are a married mama with this kid? Ahem, teething will last for about another ... year.

3. Getting Your Favorite Shirts Back: Throwing strained peas at you may be over, but beware: toddlerhood comes with the beauty of "wiping one's mouth on mom's sleeve." Best leave those sweaters in the closet for at least a year or more.

4. Getting the Shoes Back: Does your child still run off? Then don't expect to wear your heels any time soon. Even a well-behaved kid who clings to mom can make you crazy when they suddenly want to be carried. Ever added a 40-pound weight while trying to balance in heels that you haven't worn in four years? Have fun.

What items of your wardrobe are you still waiting to get back?

Image via Bravo

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