Is Pink Pregnant? What That Means for Her Abs and Yours

bellyMTV UK reported over the weekend that rumors are swirling that badass singer Pink might possibly be pregnant, since she's sporting a somewhat fuller belly in photos lately.

For the record, I love Pink and frequently make a total fool of myself in my car rocking out to "So What." She's almost as famous for her gorgeous, toned body as she is for her singing, though; the woman has abs you could bounce a quarter off of. If she is pregnant, she probably is going to have the same worries most of us do ... "what is going to happen to my body? Am I doomed to the 'front butt'? Will I ever be able to rock the tight tees again?"


The good news? More times than not, you'll look just fine, although probably not for some weeks. If you were in reasonably good shape before pregnancy, much less admirably buff like Pink, you'll be back in your old clothes, and looking good in them, pretty soon. If you were overweight or older, the picture may not be so pretty, but you're not stuck in Mom Jeans forever.

One thing that happens pretty often in pregnancy is diastatis, or abdominal separation, when the pressure of the uterus on your abdomen and the softening effects of the hormone relaxin combine to make your abdominal muscles actually move apart a few inches. It's uncomfortable, but not permanent.

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of ab exercises that are safe during pregnancy. Once your baby is born, it takes about six months for everything to knit itself back together and for you to gain full strength back. Those models who are strutting around just weeks after giving birth? They probably spent more time with their trainer than with their new baby to look that way. For those of us living a normal life, it takes longer, and that's okay.

That said, you might have a little pooch for awhile, and you are unlikely to look like a 16-year-old cheerleader ever again. And no one, no one, will notice these changes like you will. I cannot tell you how many times I have told a recently-given-birth friend that she looks fantastic, and she frowns and immediately points out everything she thinks is wrong with her. Stop. The chances are about 100 percent that you look wonderful. And if you don't? Well, there's always Spanx.


Image via Patrick Fitzgerald (BarelyFitz)/Flickr

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