Leave 'Teen Mom' Alone: Older Parents Fail, Too

Sometimes it seems like the only people messing up in the parenting world are those who we can judge in other ways.

They are too young (see MTV's Teen Mom) or too poor (see Octomom) or too single (see Mom Who Went Dancing). Sometimes it seems like these stories are easy to dismiss or condemn when they feel distant from us.

But two recent stories in the news, one in the UK and one in Florida, might have us thinking about things differently.


In Florida, a pastor left his 14-month-old daughter in the car while he attended church services at the church he runs.

Meanwhile, in the UK, a set of doctor parents, one a surgeon and one a specialist, left their 3-year-old in a bike trailer while they sat in a pub.

These are both shocking circumstances. The parents in the UK defend themselves in The Daily Mail:

In a statement they said: "We love our son dearly. We have never and would never do anything to harm him.

"We deny this allegation, which we find horrifying. We believe the charge to be due to a misunderstanding.

"Our lawyers are seeking a meeting with the Crown to put matters right. We have taken the appropriate steps to inform the medical authorities."

Even with education and religion and health at the forefront of these parents' minds, they messed up so royally. My guess is that these parents will be judged even more harshly because they should have known better. 

Obviously these are two different stories with two different issues, but the end result is scary and similar: even the smartest, most moral, well-educated parents make massive mistakes.

What do you think happened in these stories?


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