Pregnant Mariah Carey Falls on Stage

When will celebrities ever learn?

Mariah Carey, wearing black stilettos and sipping champagne, fell onstage during a performance in Singapore. Word on the street, of course, is that the star is pregnant.

Though there has still not been official confirmation, the maternity clothing, the mysterious interviews with her husband (Nick Cannon), and the significant weight gain are leading most to believe that the star is, in fact, with child. And like many celebrities before her, she is still teetering on stilettos.

The same thing happened to Alicia Keys back in July and then again to Lily Allen in September. Both fell because of their shoes.

Here is footage of Carey's fall:


She laughs it off and her back-up dancers help her. But when we're pregnant, our sense of balance shifts along with our center of gravity.

Wearing high heels (and drinking champagne) does put us at risk for bad falls. Since three pregnant celebrities have had the same problem, isn't it maybe time they considered flats?

What do you think of Mariah's stumble?


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