The Truth About 'Sextuplets' Dad Bryan Masche

Bryan MascheAfter Bryan Masche, star of Raising Sextuplets, was arrested this past weekend for suspicion of domestic violence, his mother has come to his defense.

I think?

“The truth will come out ... domestic violence in the state of Arizona is different from anywhere else,” Laura Masche told HollyBaby in an exclusive interview. “As his mom, I would hope the public would respect the family’s privacy. We love Jenny, Bryan and we love our grandchildren … the family needs a lot of privacy.”

Uh, so what does that mean exactly?

Is that the truth about him? Is it good, or bad?

One would assume that coming from his mother, it would be something in defense of him ... but then again there's Tareq Salahi's mother, so you never know. 


What "truth" could possibly justify screaming obscenities in front of your children, threatening to "flatten" your father-in-law, and acting so badly when cops arrive that they threaten to taser you?

While there wasn't any violence, there were firearms in the car, which is a scary thought when someone gets so incredibly angry.

Even after Masche was in the police car, he couldn't cool his temper.

"While in my patrol vehicle, Bryan continued to be belligerent," the police report read.

Basically, all signs point to this guy being a jerk, at best.

While I'm sure raising six young children is beyond challenging, I doubt any mysterious truth that's supposedly going to come out can come close to justifying his actions.

Hopefully, this incident will spur him and perhaps the whole family to get help instead of it starting a downward, excuses-filled spiral we've seen from at least one other family raising sextuplets.

What possible "truth" do you think Bryan Masche's mother is alluding to?

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