Heidi Montag Mom's Parenting Blog Is Awesome

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A Teenage Heidi at the Family Restaurant

I cannot stop reading Darlene Egelhoff's (aka Heidi Montag's estranged mother) parenting blog, Metamorphosis of a Mother, and someone needs to help me -- fast.

When I first heard Heidi's mom started a parenting blog, I assumed it would be a cautionary manual on how not to have a daughter that winds up marrying the biggest douchebag on the planet. Was I ever wrong.

Yes, there's a post about what went wrong between Heidi and her mom, and yes, Darlene's thinly veiled insult of Spencer Pratt is satisfying to read -- but what's really striking is the ordinariness of this mom blog.


Darlene's blog focuses on how to grow with your children as her last child, Sky, enters his senior year of high school, and she and her husband have to close their restaurant -- that has represented their family and their place in the community -- amidst financial ruin.

After reading just a few posts I feel like I'm peeking inside Darlene's life, and it's normal. She's your average mom struggling with typical parenting issues. Her 'about me' description could be any mom blog you find on your favorite blog roll.

I am a 47 year old mother of 3 living the dream on the edge of Paradise in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Crested Butte, Colorado's Last GREAT ski town. My daughters, Holly & Heidi Montag, are living their dreams currently in LA, my youngest child Sky Egelhoff just entered his senior year of High School sending me on a frightening journey towards the EMPTY NEST! My passions other than my kids are my husband Tim, Skiing, Mt Biking, backpacking, and most things outdoors.

Metamorphosis has nothing to do with the crazy Speidi-web we've all been caught in for far too long. Instead, it's another mom writing down what's in her heart and hoping to make a connection. Add it to your blog roll today.

Will you read Darlene Egelhoff's blog?


Image via Metamorphosis of a Mother

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