Rod Stewart Sex Secret

rod stewartWe knew that 65-year-old Rod Stewart and his 39-year-old wife Penny Lancaster are expecting their second child together (his eighth) later this year ... and he's said he doesn't want a vasectomy because he wants to make sure everything still works.

As fascinating a subject as the aging rocker is, what I find most eye-raising is that unlike a lot of celebrities or even everyday people, Rod and Penny came right out and acknowledged they did IVF to get pregnant.


Now, there is no shame, absolutely none, in using IVF to get pregnant. I think so, you think so (right?), pretty much all of modern society thinks so. Okay, the sad reality is that not everyone really thinks so.

There are so many rumors of celebrities who have undergone fertility treatments and even Jennifer Lopez was spotted at fertility clinics, but she yammers on about how she never would have done IVF because she believes in God.

I think that just perpetuates the stigma of fertility treatments, when celebs who likely got some help, even if they stopped short of IVF, act as if there's something wrong with that.

I think it just makes it harder for all of us who had to endure an endless string of less than sensitive comments about fertility treatments. If your SIL's favorite movie star did IVF, she'd be a lot less likely to look down her nose at you for doing the same. 

Were you open about any fertility treatments you used?

Image via alexindigo/flickr

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