Abbey Clancy Pregnancy Cures Cheating?

British lingerie model Abbey Clancy is reportedly pregnant with her first child with cheating fiance, soccer star Peter Crouch.

Good luck to them.

Cheaters can change. But people who have babies for the wrong reasons are just asking for trouble.

There are hundreds of reasons that people have children. They want their genes to carry on, they want to care for someone, they love children. And maybe there is some of that here, but I suspect one of the biggest driving factors for this baby is wanting a commitment that means he won't cheat anymore.

Good luck, lady.


Nothing scares a man off like baby making. Crouch may be all smiles today, but there is no bigger commitment than a child. More than marriage, more than property ownership, once you have a baby, you are locked in for life.

Cheaters can change, they can repent. People can grow and change and not cheat again, but those changes take time. It's hard to imagine that happening in less than one year.

Babies need more than money. And although this baby will be brought into a home where money is no object, he or she may not have happy parents.

Soon Clancy will grow big with child, she will have the baby and become preoccupied. Childbearing stresses the best relationships in the world. I hope it's different for her sake.

But I kind of doubt it. Good luck to the couple, though. They will need it.

Do you think a baby will fix things?

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