Danica McKellar Makes Math and Wacky Baby Names

Winnie Cooper is a mama!

All you boys who grew up loving Danica McKellar, who played Winnie on The Wonder Years, now have a new male to compete with for her attention -- little Draco Verta.

He was born Tuesday night to the super-intelligent actress (she's a mathematician and author of three books on the subject, including current bestseller HOT X: Algebra Exposed) and weighed just over seven pounds. 

Congratulations to the happy parents!

That said, I'm not feeling the name Draco.


Apparently it means "dragon" and he's named for the constellation, but it sounds too much like Dracula for my blood. (Get it? "For my blood"?)

I don't understand why celebrities always have to pick such wacky names. Whatever happened to Jane? Or Tom?

Nope. Not for them.

Instead we get Kal-el Coppola and Daisy Boo Oliver (children of Nicolas Cage and Jamie Oliver).

I get the desire to name your baby something unique, but there is unique and then there is weird. Draco is close enough to that end of the spectrum.

What do you think of the name?


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