Pregnant? Get Naked!

Ali Larter is famous for her non-pregnant nudity, but the mother-to-be and actress, who recently revealed she's expecting a boy, is happiest to be nude now.

"I'm just super pregnant and each moment I want to take off another piece of clothing," she told Fox News.

I remember that feeling all too well. I used to walk from the shower into the bedroom and then just lie on the bed, back propped with pillows, feet up, completely nude with a fan on. For hours.


And skinny dipping pregnant? Words cannot describe the relief of feeling the cool water on warm skin and the buoyancy of a heavy pregnant belly.

There is something about pregnancy that makes every nerve tingle, so clothing just feels restrictive. I used to come home from work and get naked and stay that way for at least 12 hours until it was time to get up and put clothing on again.

Truth be told, I'm a bit of a nudist in general, but pregnancy made me wish I never had to wear clothing again. Toward the end, I was nude almost constantly and all those designer hospital johnnies my friends gave me at my baby shower were pointless. I was nude from the second I walked in until hours after both babies were out.

In real life, nudity is not practical, but in pregnancy, it sure does feel good.

Are you a pregnant nudist?


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