Katy Perry Has a Forbidden List: Do You?

Katy PerryIt's a yes on babies for Katy Perry.

But it's a big fat no for babies named after football players for Russell Brand.

The "California Gurls" singer has already created a forbidden baby name list, and she's put her fiance on notice that it includes all players for his favorite West Ham football club.

I can't blame her.


My forbidden name list started with names of all his ex-girlfriends and extended to the names of all the people in this world who freak me out.

Really, do you want your kid sharing a name with the girl in third grade who thought she was a cat?

Also added to the list: all family members' names. In a family with two Johns, two John-Pauls, and a Jonathan (my husband -- who I confess I added to the mix) plus one Alex, one Alec, and one Alexander, it was time to strike out on our own.

Mark off the names of all pets, and this baby naming thing starts getting easier. I daresay it's better to start with a list of "uh uh, no way, ain't happening" names.

Like lawyers in court striking objectionable jurors, if you get them out of the way early, you save yourself arguments down the road.

Do you have a list of "no way, no how" baby names?

Image via Jeff Denberg/Flickr

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