Is Celine Dion in the Hospital?

Is Celine Dion, who is currently pregnant with twin boys, really hospitalized with an incompetent cervix?

For the past couple days, the Internet has been abuzz with this rumor, though there has not been any sort of official confirmation. Her publicist denies it, saying:

“She is 100 percent healthy and at home,” Kim Jackwerth wrote in an email. “I have been speaking to both Rene and Celine weekly and everything is going great. It is very disturbing to have to respond to such malicious reports.”

Dion, who is pregnant with twin boys after years of fertility treatments, is due in November.


An incompetent cervix is caused by the pressure the growing fetus puts on the cervix, which causes the cervix to start to open early. It's called both an incompetent cervix and weakened cervix, and happens in one out of 100 pregnancies.

If Dion is actually in the hospital, it's likely she's had a cerclage. Think of it like stitches for the cervix, a procedure that sews the cervix closed to reinforce the weak cervix. The sutures are removed between 36 to 38 weeks to prevent any labor problems.

If Dion has this, she's probably looking at weeks of bed rest. Hopefully these are just rumors, but if not, I wish her all the best for a healthy rest of her pregnancy.

Did you have a cerclage?


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