Christina Applegate: Don't Be a Douchebag, I'm Pregnant!

Christina ApplegateSo happy, chipper, and glowing throughout most of her pregnancy, Christina Applegate finally lost it like only a pregnant woman can do.

"I have no filter anymore," Applegate recently told David Letterman on his show. "Stuff comes out to strangers."

She says her people-pleaser personality has been seriously altered by pregnancy. She described an incident at the bank. It was hot and she didn't want to walk to the ATM, so her girlfriend parked illegally.

 "I mean, I'm pregnant for crying out loud! I don't need to walk," she said.


When a security guard "yelled" at the women, Applegate says she unleashed on him.

"I was just like, 'Shhhhh! Shhhhh! It is too hot out to be a douchebag, okay?!'"

 I can't say I ever went that far, but I know how she felt. When you're pregnant and achy and emotional, it really does seem like you should get special treatment.

Sure, some grocery stores have pregnant parking spaces, but what about letting a pregnant/hungry woman move ahead to the front of the line once in awhile?

I always kind of wanted to get stopped by a cop when I was pregnant because I figured I'd get out of the ticket if he saw that I was carrying a child. I never did, but I wonder how often that works. Hopefully, more often than not.

In restaurants, the chefs should really think about bumping a pregnant woman's order to the head of the line, and maybe putting a little extra on the plate.

And as far as bathroom lines go, well there shouldn't just be an unwritten rule that you let a pregnant woman go in front of you, someone should write it down somewhere official.

Instead all too often pregnant women are denied the most common respect and can't even find a seat on the subway. There are too many douchebags out there who should be a little more respectful of those bringing life into the world.

For all the wonder and amazement of pregnancy, it's hard work too, so I don't think asking for a little extra attention and a few perks is asking too much at all.

What kind of perks do you think pregnant women should get?

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