Pregnant Mariah Carey Is Superstitious: Are You?

Mariah Carey's publicist has said that we should not expect the singer to talk about her pregnancy (she is reported to be four months along) any time soon.

(Carey's) rep Cindi Berger told the Pop Eater website that she won’t be making any announcements just yet. “But she’s superstitious,” Berger said. “When the time is right for her to say something, I’m sure she will.”

And so we wait...

I get it, though. I was so nervous throughout my first pregnancy (less so the second time). I definitely avoided stepping on cracks or spilling salt or breathing when I passed graveyards throughout my entire fist trimester and probably well into my second as well.

Here are a few pregnancy superstitions:


  1. It is bad luck to have the baby shower before the baby is born.
  2. Happily married couples produce attractive children.
  3. Baby girls steal their mother's beauty.
  4. Babies born at night stay up at night.
  5. Pregnant mothers who rub their tummy too much will spoil their child.
  6. Everything a pregnant woman plants will grow well.
  7. If a mother hears the call of an owl, the baby is female (owls are also rumored to cause miscarriage).
  8. Eating strawberries during pregnancy will leave your baby with a port wine stain.
  9. A pregnant mother who views a dead body dooms her child.
  10. Have a round, high belly? It's a boy.

In writing these, I did realize that I went strawberry picking a month before my son was born and he has a small port wine stain under his hair. But that is neither here nor there, right?


The rest are kind of laughable. Some were true, but most were not for me, which is probably true of most superstitions anyway.

Are you superstitious during your pregnancy?


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