Jon Gosselin to Write Parenting Book?

For a moment, it looked as though Jon Gosselin was planning to write a parenting book. Okay, I admit that the thought tickled me (and made me laugh out loud, repeatedly).

I could easily have imagined myself picking up a copy of this “advice” book. It’s not Gosselin’s parenting tips I’m after, mind you (I'd just as soon turn to Courtney Love); it’s just that, frankly, I have no willpower.


The same morbid curiosity that compels me to stare at an accident on the freeway would move me to buy Jon’s book. Also, it takes serious balls for someone who is often referred to as one of the worst parents on the planet to share the shelf with Dr. Spock. I've seen him in action raising his bazillion toddlers, and I know this would be good (for all the wrong reasons).

The book was to be titled A Slice of Life: Jon Gosselin’s Story, and PopEater quoted one of Jon’s gossipy friends saying that Gosselin wanted “to focus on his parenting skills.” Huzzah!

“There is no deal yet or timeline” the loose-lipped friend when on, “but the [interest] in Jon from publishers is huge right now, so he’s going to strike while the iron is hot.”

Then Gosselin tweets, “Just to clear the air, I am not writing a parenting book. I am not at liberty to discuss what my book is about yet.” Weirdly disappointing for me. I’m not interested in the book unless I can read it with delicious irony.

This means the world has dodged the bullet for now, and we’re saved from possible advice on such topics as:

  1. Bleeding every last nickel out of your familial situation, even at the psychological expense of your kids.
  2. Doing as little work as possible, unless it entails irreparable mental damage to your eight young kids who you continually thrust in the public eye.
  3. Entering into heated custody battles, and then dropping them, ensuring that your kids feel even worse.
  4. Dressing with all of the imagination of a sub-tier frat boy, and then once again riding on the coattails of your kids, announcing to the world your intentions to design a line of children’s clothing (but never following through). By the way, same goes for the aforementioned "parenting" book.
  5. Vulgarly feuding and divorcing your wife on TV (with kids in the visible background, of course), then taking up with a number of much-too-young girlfriends and introducing them to your kids, again for the public to scrutinize.

I should stop, but it’s so easy to bash this desperate dad. Maybe watching another parent do such an atrocious job makes me feel better about the job I’m doing.

Does that make me just as bad?

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