John Travolta and Kelly Preston Are Breaking Out the Blue

John Travolta and Kelly Preston announced yesterday that the baby they're expecting ...

... is a boy!

I cannot imagine two people more deserving of good news. The couple lost their son Jett in 2009 to a seizure. They have one other child, Ella, who is 10.

For a long time, the speculation was that they were having twins, but now it seems that there's only one and that one is a boy.

What an amazing thing. Preston, who is 47, announced her pregnancy in May.


The couple took a lot of heat for their decision to have a baby after losing their firstborn, but I can't even imagine what they have been through.

I've never understood how people can be so judgmental of the way in which others grieve. Unless we've been in the exact same situation as another, then we have no place to judge or to question their decision.

I hope this new baby boy gives them some amount of peace after they suffered an unimaginable tragedy.

Congratulations to the whole family!

What do you think of the new baby?


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