'Sextuplets Take New York': Kate Gosselin Meet Digna Carpio

sextuplets take new yorkMaybe Kate Gosselin can share some words of wisdom for TLC's Sextuplets Take New York mom of multiples, Digna Carpio.

Don't belittle your husband on national TV, don't get a mom-hawk hairdo unless you are prepared for mockery and later ... extensions, don't remarry your husband while the world watches because TV marriages almost always end in divorce ....

I have a good feeling, though, that Digna is more careful than that -- and it's not just because of the plastic she keeps on her couch.


Victor and Digna Carpio are a Latino family from Queens, NY (holla! I did all of my toddler and tween years there). The sextuplets are 22 months old and there are four boys -- Justin, Jezreel, Joel, and Jaden -- and two girls -- Danella and Genesis. They also have a 7-year-old son named Jhancarlos. (Maybe the show will reveal why only the boys have the same letter names? I'm curious.)

But what makes this family even more intriguing is the fact that Victor brings home $1,800 a month for his job as a maintenance worker. For some that's a lot, but for many living in NYC, that won't even cover a month's rent. Plus, as a mom of twins living in Brooklyn (Queens' neighbor), I can attest to the difficulties of city life with multiples -- though on a much, much smaller scale. From the challenges of taking the subway (all those stairs) to maneuvering a supermarket (too small aisles) to living in a building with an elevator that is affordable or finding something else that isn't a fourth-floor walk-up -- the Carpios are making it work with very little.

“We fell in love with them,” Nancy Daniels, TLC’s Senior Vice-President of Production and Development said. “All of our shows look at interesting families and interesting lives. They’re struggling with taking care of a lot of small children who are all the same age and overrunning their house.”

I know I can't wait to watch. I wonder what Kate thinks. Are you going to tune in to Sextuplets?

Image via NY Daily News

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