Charlotte Church Misses Her Big Pregnancy Boobs: Do You?

British singer Charlotte Church told Love Magazine that the part of pregnancy she misses most was her H-cup boobs.

"When I was having babies, I had the biggest boobs in the world, ever," Church says in the latest issue of the British magazine.

Talk about the opposite of my reaction! Yes, in the first trimester, I was pleased with the breasts, but by the time my milk came in, I was in the E range and was horrified by my breasts.

My husband loved them, natch.


Meanwhile, two years after my last baby, I am thrilled to be back to my 34D pre-pregnancy size and I have no interest in ever going back to the water balloons again.

They were heavy, they made it hard to run, and I had to buy all new bras. I remember going to the maternity store three weeks postpartum. I was unable to negotiate the sling in the dressing room, but I needed all new bras. I had to hand my brand-new baby in the sling over to the saleswoman at the store. And while she rocked my baby, I tried on bras and cried.

No way do I want to go back to those boobs.

Do you miss your pregnancy boobs?


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