Kendra Wilkinson Plans for Plastic Surgery After Baby Number Two

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett told Star that she plans to have liposuction after baby number two comes along some time in the next year.

"I didn't get liposuction after Hank, because I knew I wanted more babies. But I will 100 percent have lipo after my second baby, because until then, I know I will never be satisfied looking in the mirror," the former Playboy Playmate told Star.

I am so mixed on how I feel about this.

I get so very tired of the "babies ruin our bodies" talk that seems so pervasive today, but I would be a complete hypocrite if I said I was happy with everything that did happen to my body during pregnancy.

Just before I got pregnant for the first time, I was between a size two and four, had about 19 percent body fat, and was working on a six-pack. With both of my pregnancies, I put on 50 pounds and yes, I look pretty different.


But I'm not sad about those changes.

Last year, I was at the beach with two women who were talking about the ways which pregnancy "ruins" bodies and how they both planned to get plastic surgery after babies.

For me, there was a real disconnect. Neither of these women took particular pride in her physical appearance before they had children, but yet pregnancy was going to "ruin" them. As the only one of us who had babies (and the only one in a bikini), I took offense. My body is not "ruined." Changed, yes. But not destroyed enough to require surgery.

My stomach is a little looser, it's true. I may never get my toned abs completely back, but I'm back to my old size and I feel comfortable in my skin. I know my husband is still very attracted to me.

Of course, I also recognize that I was starting from a fit place, I maintained my fitness during both pregnancies, and I'm generally a fit person. Perhaps it was easier for me to bounce back than it might be for others, in which case I can't fault someone for wanting to get plastic surgery.

I used to think plastic surgery was cheating and that one should work for the body they have or not get to have it. But as I get older, I do feel differently. It's disconcerting to watch my body change as I age and I don't even make my living off it.

If I did, I might, like Wilkinson, consider plastic surgery.

Does it give women an unfair standard to look up to? Certainly. Is it healthy to focus so much on something that is so fleeting? Probably not. But can I fault her for wanting to look her best?

I guess not.

What do you think of plastic surgery after baby?


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