Another Reason to Hate Supermodels: Heidi Klum's Children Eat 'Everything'

If I needed another reason to hate supermodels, I now have one. Heidi Klum, the beautiful model who got her six-pack back 20 minutes after labor, told Us that her kids eat chicken soup, schnitzel, and kale among other things.

"They love everything! They eat healthy," she said.

Grrr ...

Since the moment my daughter was born 3.5 years ago, eating has been a problem for us. First she lost too much weight in the hospital, then she wasn't gaining enough. For the first two years of her life, we struggled to even get her to register on the pediatrician's weight chart.

All the grand plans I made while I was pregnant -- all organic foods, children who ate anything -- flew out the door when I was faced with a child so skinny.


I wasn't a picky child, but my husband was and I blame him for my daughter's unwillingness to look at anything green. And all pregnant moms and dads-to-be (and parents whose children are under 1) should know that plans don't always work out so well.

Here are a few food "sins" I promised I would never do:

  1. Making different meals for my toddlers: I do this every night. Even though I know it's the cardinal sin with picky kids, I cannot stand sitting at the table and watching them not eat. So I give them "kid-friendly" fare and I hope that they will be less picky adults.
  2. Giving my children no veggies: For the first 18 months, I could sneak the veggies into their smoothies and ground food and yogurt, but now if they even see a hint of green, they will not touch it. It happened so many times, I kind of stopped trying.
  3. Hot dogs and chicken fingers: I grew up in a macrobiotic, vegetarian home for a lot of my life. I generally eat very well and I fully expected to be the mom at the sushi restaurant doling out California rolls to my baby. Um, nope. Now I'm just thrilled if they eat a nitrate-free hot dog. And chicken fingers? Hello protein! My kids would never eat them, but if they would? I would happily serve them. As it is, I'm doing well to get them to eat their nightly serving of whole wheat rotini with Parmesan only, served room temperature.
  4. Multi-vitamins: I never thought I would give my kids multivitamins since I thought they would eat so well, they wouldn't need them. How very wrong I was. "Kitty vitamins" (Whole Foods chewables shaped like cats) are now the highlight of their day. Oops.
  5. I bribe them with food: My daughter would spend all day eating lollipops and popsicles if I would let her and there are some days that I use that fact to my advantage. I'll hand her a lollipop in the car to keep her from kicking her brother or a popsicle when we get home to let me finish an email. And yes, I know it's bad.

Are the rest of you more like perfect Heidi Klum or more like me?


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