LeAnn Rimes Desperate for Baby to Keep Eddie Cibrian: Say It Ain't So...

Everyone knows the smartest thing a woman like LeAnn Rimes can do to keep a man like Eddie Cibrian is have his baby....

...If you are insane, that is!

According to In Touch Weekly, Rimes is contemplating motherhood because she is afraid the man she left her husband for (and who left his wife and kids for her) is slipping away.

The possibility that Eddie might leave her one day could push LeAnn to do everything she can to keep him, says another pal.

“She is head over heels in love with Eddie,” a pal explains. “She wants to be with him forever, and she wants to be his wife.”

Because we we all know, the smartest decision to make when trying to keep a man is to get knocked up. Oy, LeAnn.

The two got together in a bad way and now it looks like they might continue that way.



I find this kind of thing so irresponsible. If your relationship is already bad, why on earth would you think a baby would make it better? And even if it did, you do realize the baby is only a baby for a little while. At some point, you are going to have to face the man you have this crappy relationship with apart from your baby.

A strong relationship is the foundation of a child's life. I just cannot understand anyone bringing a child into a relationship that was not strong to begin with. It just seems like a disaster in the making.

I hope that In Touch is wrong (is that even possible?) and that LeAnn is giving more thought to having a child with this man. As she well knows, you can get out of a bad marriage, but once kids are in the picture, it is a whole other situation.

Stay strong LeAnn! Resist!

What do you think of this idea?


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