Dwyane Wade Likes to Pick On Little Kids

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade may be one part of the three-man offense expected to bring the Miami Heat to new heights this season.

But D-Wade is still a bit of a d-bag.

How else do you explain the shooting guard housing a 10-year-old in a pick up game at the World Basketball Festival?


Take a gander. The big guy knocking down the shot from a 10-year-old's hands is set to earn $14 million this year.

Wade getting in the little kid's face was the ultimate in class, wasn't it? Or how about the showboating all the way to the net?

What a big man, taking down the silly little kid with no follow-through on his shot.

Sure, kids need to grow up sometime. No one is going to be handing them the ball in high school and saying, "Shoot it kid." But playing with little kids is supposed to be about building them up, not tearing them down -- especially when you're one of their heroes.

For a guy whose Twitter account lists him as "a father First and everything else after that ..." he could use a little reminder of what it means to play nice with little kids.


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