Pregnant Alanis Morissette Kicks Drugs and Other Tamed Star Moms

The other night, Alanis Morissette admitted to Chelsea Handler on her show Chelsea Lately that one of the things she had to give up for the pregnancy was marijuana.

Though she claimed on the show to only "enjoy it sometimes," her predilection for Mary Jane has been well-documented in the past. It seems, however, that she and green stuff have had their "last dance," so to speak, as she is giving it up while the baby is cooking.

See, she is a "really excellent mother" already!

Of course, Alanis isn't the only star who got clean for pregnancy. Here are a few others who traded one kind of late night for another:

  • Nicole Richie: Once famous for only partying, she settled down and got clean to have her children with Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden.
  • Angelina Jolie: Though she was clean by the time of her first pregnancy with now-4-year-old daughter Shiloh, the once hard-partying mom did dabble in some serious doobage back in the day.
  • Courtney Love: A Vanity Fair article in 1992 claimed that Love shot heroin while pregnant with Frances Bean, her daughter with singer Kurt Cobain. She adamantly denied the charges, saying she quit "cold turkey" for pregnancy.
  • Jodie Sweetin: The former child star of Full House fame was also famously hooked on meth until she kicked the habit to have her second child in 2008.

What habits did you give up when you were pregnant?


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