Kendra Going for Two: 'I Want You Pregnant,' Says Hank

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskette, fresh off the sex tape scandal, is starting to think about about baby number two with husband and footballer Hank Baskette.

According to E Online, Baskette called the former Playboy Bunny and said:

"I want you pregnant."

Seems pretty clear to me! 

The couple already has one son, Hank IV, who will turn one in December.

Kendra was more cautious, saying that she wants the children close in age and will want to try by next summer, but still joked about getting an IUD to stop it from happening too soon.

I know how she feels.



After our daughter was born, my husband was all about going for baby number two almost immediately. I was a little more cautious but one day let him convince me ...And we all know how this story ends.

My kids are 18 months apart and I adore them, but wow! What a handful!

My husband and I joke that he tricked me into our close spacing and while that is not completely true, it is true that he probably wanted it sooner and more intensely than I did. So, good luck to Kendra! Either way, I am sure she will be happy.

The upside to having two kids so close in age is how well they play together. They are best friends and constant companions, so she will have that on her side if she decides to go for it.

Who wanted baby #2 more in your family?


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